Stoke Fleming Parish Council

I emailed our local PCC recently to ask them what their position is regarding Climate Change and Sustainability and they replied positively, I quote:

''We are intending to liaise with other neighbouring parish councils, some of whom have well-developed policies on these matters. In the process we will determine to what extent efforts to combat climate change should be a matter for parish councils, for community groups or a combination of the two.''

They even thanked me for writing to them.

So please do feel encouraged to drop your local Parish Council a line about what they are doing or considering in line with their District and County Councils.

The Devon Interim Carbon Plan is a great resource to help guide discussion and is still open for all to contribute to.


  • Nice one Erica. I'll contact Strete PC, and point out that Stoke Fleming might be open to discuss the issue with them. Strete already has some links with Blackawton in that they share a History Group "BASH" (you work it out!) so perhaps they can get together . . .

  • And very recently, whilst delivering old newspapers to our Hedgehog rescue centre, I heard a rumour that Stoke Fleming might well be taking action... I will keep you posted!

  • Indeed, Stoke Fleming PC are now promoting a Sustainable Initiative through our local Parish Magazine. Hearing good green noises from Strete too...

  • Draft minutes of SF Parish Counci meeting 5th May 2021:

    Cllr Belli and Cllr Szotareported that 16 parishioners had offeredsupport in forming a community climate change committee. A face-to-face meeting is next to be scheduled to scope out projects relevant to the needs of the parish. Cllr Reeve reported that DCC had allocated £3K per Cllr to help parishes with local initiatives based on a business case. Cllr Reeve reported that the Sustainable South Hams events hadbeen well attended and a database of ideas is now available to help attendeesshare ideas.

    24TH JUNE 2021at 7pm at Stoke Fleming Village Hall

  • Also mentioned in the meeting above:

    The Chairman asked what SHDC’s climate change planning policy was for new build homes heating systems in the light of Government policy to favour a switch away from gas and oil to air and heat source pumps,given the 400 houses being built at Little Cotton. Cllr J Brazil advised that the National Planning Policy Framework included a clause for local development plans to ask how carbon emissions will be reduced. The Joint Local Plan is also due for review with a focus on building carbon zero houses using solar panels and ground source heat pumps. A renewable energy heating scheme is due by March 2022.

  • Of, course, Stoke Fleming is key to the Little Cotton Development. Great to know you're keeping abreast of developments there, Erica!

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