Land at Churchfields West...

Land has come up for sale adjacent to Churchfields West.

Local residents are trying to secure the land against future development, with the aim of the land being managed by a wildlife trust or similar.

Could this be a new green space for Dartmouth?? There is a public footpath running through it and the neighbouring field, ending on York Road. So vehicular access is limited to one point and Churchfields West itself is awkward and extremely steep.

The land itself had originally been farmed and well cared for. In more recent times it was owned by a developer who was unsuccessful in obtaining planning permission and turned it into a wildlife reserve. However it has not been managed or maintained bar the footpath area, and is currently in a state of neglect with widespread brambles and trees rammed in tightly.

Itself a steeply sloping site, but with open views, it might lend itself to some brave horticultural venture, possibly some hardy animal grazing, or beekeeping at a distance from the path? A good sized parcel of land, needing TLC investment and imagination. Should the residents be able to acquire it, would there be any interest in somebody taking it on, maybe as a community venture to look after it in perpetuity and to prevent unwanted residential development?

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