Springs and Pond creation

When Kingswear was only a ferry crossing and a small chapel, the main farms were up away from the coast at Kingston, where all the spring water sources were and are still to be found. It was also safer for livestock from visiting raiders!

But with all this rain, many springs are currently overflowing, and I have been delighted to find the odd pond being created to harness this beautiful natural water supply. When Spring arrives, these ponds will provide a fabulous habitat for all sorts of insect, invertebrates and small mammal life, and help with the biodiversity of our lovely local environment. Have you got a spring near you?


  • I wish I did. Here in Strete rain water drains away immediately, and makes for very dry soil in the summer,

    Will your pond(s) retain the water, or will you need to install a pond liner? It will be great to watch the wildlife move in! We made a new pond last year. Some friends gave us some frogspawn, and so we had loads of froglets. Then came a Shrew. Apparently they love frogs for dinner, so we don't know if there will be any of our frogs spawning this spring. Nature - lovely, but rather inclined to eat itself!

  • Yes Steve - a liner will be needed in this particular location, as it is not a naturally “pooling” spot, but equally important will be having an overflow, thanks to the constant spring water inflow, to enable the pond to be refreshed with moving water, and not become stagnant.

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