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We were lucky enough to purchase an electric car 6 months ago. The first question that folk generally ask is "how many miles can you get out of a charge"! Understandably this is often the first worry and concern and the answer is around 145 miles but it can be over 160 or under 130 depending on the driving conditions and the way the car is driven. The car is a VW Golf and the reason for choice is primarily the seating comfort and secondly minimum distance that would need to be covered if there was a family 'emergency' journey. The choice of electric cars is increasing for sure but the first six months have been interesting. It was certainly a little worrying at first but now we are into the swing of things there have been no big issues and the car is a joy to drive. This is especially as it recuperates the energy back into the battery in the B mode setting, so watching power go back in as you are breaking and going down hill is very rewarding! The cost per mile for the mileage so far has been 76p per mile, which has to be a huge bonus!


  • Hi MagsB. I was surprised by the high costs-per-mile, not that I know my own petrol car costs-per-mile. I guess your figure includes tax, insurance and other expenses. I guess it will vary enormously with the mileage you do, with the costs-per-mile dropping considerably if you do a high mileage. Did you have a costs-per-mile figure for your previous car to make a comparison?

  • Hi Steve, thanks for the nudge here! I put my decimal point in the wrong place!! So having checked this now with a mathematician (!) the cost per mile when using electricity at home is 5.3p per mile. The cost when using mainly home charge and one full charge on a public charging point is 7.4p per mile. There is no road tax to pay and insurance is just under £200 per year, with a full no claims and includes a free recovery service if I run out of charge! Hopefully this will not happen, it just requires a little more forward planning and regularly keeping the car charged whilst at home. Servicing is every two years and I was told by the main dealer would be about £70 (no oil etc).

  • Phew! That's more what I was hoping, and very impressive.

  • Here's a link to an interesting BBC article on the subject of the cost of charging EVs:

    'I saved £5,000 by charging my electric car for free'

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