Dartmouth Cluster Sustainability Groups

Dittisham and Blackawton both have their own Sustainability Groups. Congratulations to them! Read about their activities via the links. Dartmouth town's Dartmouth Green Partnership has improved biodiversity as one of its purposes.

Of course their is the Dart Valley U3A's Sustainability Group, that brings you this forum.

Please do let us know if there are other groups within the Dartmouth Cluster.


  • Sustainable South Hams have put up a website with details of groups in the district and how to contact them. We are on there!!

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    This is a link to the Sustainable South Hams group which will take you to a page with a map of the South Hams Parishes and Towns, highlighting those with a Sustainability group. You can select and click on the active groups which will then display contact information and more..

  • Thanks for pointing that out, EricaT. The fact that we are attempting to serve the whole of the Dartmouth Cluster (ie. Dartmouth, Kingswear, Dittisham, Strete, Stoke Fleming, Blackawton and East Cornworthy) makes fitting us into their website tricky. In practice people who live in a community which has an existing Sustainability type group should clearly link up with them. But we could be a home for others until their village gets its act together. That's how I see it.

    Sustainable South Hams might well develop into a powerful lobbying group.

  • Yes Steve, let's hope that together we can be a force for good. I think it would be great to offer a 'home' for others awaiting action in their own villages!

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