Electricity Suppliers

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It's not just a question of which supplier is the cheapest. There is also the question of which is the greenest. There is quite a selection nowadays and people have their favourites. We've been with Ecotricity for some years because they re-invest all their profits in very low carbon generation schemes, and it has been a good supplier. If you're thinking of moving to an environmentally responsible supplier have a look here at the various options . . .


  • We switched to Yorkshire Energy a few years ago. They were a new fledgling company and we were happy to try them out. All their bills are online with a monthly reading which was different for us but we have made it work. Their Green Tariff is not so cheap as we are on Economy 7 but we are happy to be taking some action for the planet!

  • It looks like there's a few environmentally friendly and green energy suppliers out there which is good news! We have been using Good Energy for just over a year now, they appealed because they source totally from 100% renewables (without using nuclear sources) and all from the UK. We now have an electric car and have been put onto a new better package for households with electric cars, so costs are even lower. We've found them as a company to be clear communicators and all round good to deal with.

    Plenty of green companies to choose from now and certainly agree that it's worth paying maybe a little more and know that you are able to do something positive for the environment.


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