Plastic, Plastic everywhere. . .

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Having heard that plastic and microplastics are getting almost everywhere a friend and I went out and removed a whole load of tree guards that had been left to rot on trees that were planted about ten years ago. That was quite fun, and it felt as if we were giving the plants some freedom to expand now that they were well established.


  • Even fleece fabric sheds micro fibres which end up in oceans and the food chain. There are some good alternatives to laundry powder and liquid of course, but catching these pesky fibres in a filter is possible.

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  • Yes, Erica. I understand that fleeces are a major contributor to water-borne micro-plastics. My wife and I have invested in a "Guppyfriend Washing Bag" which is designed to catch the tiny plastic fibres. Not cheap at about £25.00, but it appears very well-made and long-lasting, and a lot less expensive than the plumbed-in filters.   

  • My wife and I went out for a walk around Strete armed with a plastic sack and one of those handy pick-up thingees to collect bits of discarded plastic. We were amused, and delighted to meet two other couples out on the same mission. So we met Pete and Maggie, and the couple whose names we didn't get. So we're entering a time when we are competing with our neighbours for rubbish! Strange world. . .

  • There is an amazing new group who have popped up on Facebook called the Dartmouth Litteracy Society..... Do look it up if you are on social media. A person-centred litter-picking campaign, Covid - secure and waiting for you!!

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