Dartmouth Area For Future Sustainability




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Do you live or work in The Dartmouth Cluster (Dartmouth, Blackawton, Cornworthy, Dittisham, Kingswear, Strete or Stoke Fleming)?

We would like to know how people in this area are responding to the environmental issues that confront us all. Devon County Council and South Hams District Council have declared Climate and Biodiversity Emergencies and we have learnt that Blackawton and Dittisham villages have both formed Sustainability Groups. Dartmouth Green Partnership has had “sustainable environmental improvements” as one of their “Purposes” for some time, and there is, no doubt, more happening that we know nothing about.
We'd like you to hear how individuals, organizations and businesses are responding to environmental issues in this corner of South Devon.

Residents old and young are making changes great and small - so let's hear about them and talk about them. From changing diet to changing cars; from flying abroad less to encouraging wildlife in your garden – let us know how you are helping and how you would like to help.